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  • Here’s How to Break Your Nail Biting Habit Successfully

    Do you bite your nails whenever you’re stressed, anxious or bored? You are not alone. Around 25% of the population has the same habit, but this doesn’t mean you should let this habit continue. When left unaddressed, chronic nail-biting can lead to different health issues. That’s not to mention you will never have those long, beautiful nails you’ve always wanted. 
  • What Does the Half-Moon Shape on Your Nails Mean?

    You probably trim your fingernails regularly, but when was the last time you took a closer look at them? Have you noticed any changes in colour or the overall appearance of your nails? What about the half-moon on top of the cuticle? Is it still visible on your thumb?
  • How to Have Pretty Natural Nails

    Salon visits aren’t the only way to have pretty nails. You don’t also have to buy expensive nail paint and other products (which may have harsh chemicals). With a nutritious diet, good hygiene and a few nail care tricks at home, you can have strong & gorgeous nails.
  • Almond Shape vs. Square Shape: Your Guide to the Most Popular Nail Shapes

    In this article, we are going to delve into the two most popular nail shapes: almond shape vs. square shape. You will also find out about other common shapes that you have probably seen on your best friend's hands, pages of fashion magazines, or at nail salons. 
  • How To Start A Nail Care Routine at Home

    Who said nail care can happen only at a salon? It's time to bust the myth. There's no need to rush to a professional every time you want a manicure. Rather, you can repair your nails from the comfort of your home, and give them a salon-like makeover. 
  • 10 Tips to Prevent Nails From Breaking & Splitting

    Healthy nails instantly make your hands look more gorgeous and presentable. In a world where gel and acrylic nails are the hot trends, we often forget to take care of our natural nails. If you struggle with brittle and weak nails, and you'd love to make them naturally healthy, here's something to help you out. 
  • All You Need to Know About Nail Hygiene

    As you use your hands in many daily tasks, your fingernails sometimes overwork, too. They even become a common spot for dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, lint and more. That’s why practising excellent nail hygiene is crucial. It doesn’t only keep your nails looking strong and healthy, but it also helps prevent the transmission of diseases, especially amid a pandemic.

    Today, we’ll share several tips that can help improve your usual daily nail care and hygiene.

  • Top 6 Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Nails

    When it comes to a beauty regime, skin and hair get most of our attention. People tend to forget their nails also need some pampering. They’d only get manicures or pedicures when they go to the salon, where they can get nail care along with a haircut or hair treatment.

    We can’t stress this enough: daily nail care is crucial to keeping your nails from being dry and brittle. Plus, having well-groomed nails make you look more polished. So, today, we’ll help you start taking better care of your nails. Here are some tips for growing and maintaining healthy nails. And if you need a boost on nail care, give Magic Pen a try.
  • The Magic Pen is a Real Game-Changer—But How Does It Work for Your Nails?

    From nail-biting and frequent use of fake nails to poor nutrition and aging, many factors can make your nails dry and easy to break. Some medical conditions also cause them to be brittle. Here’s the good news, though: you can still revitalise your dry and unsightly nails. 

    All you have to do is give your nails some TLC. Start simple: use the Magic Pen. Fighting against nail dehydration, the Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream is specially formulated to moisturise and protect your nails. In a few weeks or so, you’ll have stronger and better-looking nails.

    The Magic Pen is a real game-changer. Give it a try and experience the “magic” yourself.

  • Grow Your Nails Faster and Stronger with These Simple Tips

    Having long and healthy nails is possible—it just takes a whole lot of TLC. You can start with a twofold approach. First, improve your daily diet to boost healthy nail growth internally. Then, focus on enhancing your nail care regimen to protect your talons externally.

    With the right moisturiser, supplements and diet, you’ll notice your nails growing faster and stronger than before. And if you need a boost for your nail care, try our Magic Pen today. 

    For more tips on making your nails grow faster and healthier, don’t hesitate to read our blog. Our twofold approach to nail care might end your never-ending issue of weak, brittle nails.

  • Top Benefits of Using a Magic Pen

    Having unsightly nails can dent your confidence but damaged nails and cuticles can also cause discomfort, which just brings you down. You may have tried different remedies to repair your nails but haven’t yet found one that’s effective enough or provides fast enough results.

  • 7 Nail Care Tips for Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Nails

    Having healthy nails is a big confidence booster, whether you prefer to keep them looking natural or enjoy using different nail polishes.