The Benefits of Using a Nail Hardener for Stronger Nails

The Benefits of Using a Nail Hardener for Stronger Nails

Many women prefer their nails to be extra beautiful by painting them, putting on gel extensions, or getting acrylic overlays. There are so many options when it comes to beautification services to glamorize our fingernails. In retrospect, many of them also often fail to give their nails proper care after or in between getting these services. 

What could possibly go wrong?

If you are beginning to notice that your nails are getting more and more brittle by the day, it may be because you don’t have a nail health care routine. Some nail chipping conditions may also be caused by medical conditions and medications, but in general, improper care, or lack thereof, is the culprit of brittle nails alongside other visible symptoms such as discoloration, ridges, and more.

Soft, weak nails are never convenient and worse, they can drag your confidence down. Imagine your nails snapping, bending, or breaking while you are in the middle of a date, a meeting, or a very important event. It is a real kicker.

Fortunately, there are nail hardeners or creams that we can now use to our advantage.

Nail hardeners are the best option for chipping, cracking, and weak nails. Here are their amazing benefits.

1. They can repair and restore.

Nail hardeners such as Magic Pen Nail Cream are a highly effective solution to brittle nails. This product is packed with natural ingredients with pure potency to promote stronger, healthier, more supple, and beautiful nails. It has the capacity to repair the damages and regenerate. 

2. They are made of moisturizing oils.

Deep hydration plays a vital role in keeping your nails healthy just like your skin. Magic Pen Nail Cream as a hardener contains moisturizing oils from the finest botanicals that can replenish lost moisture and lock in hydration for hours. However it has just the right concentration to not feel sticky or oily.

Make sure to use it 4 times a day for complete nourishment. 

3. They can help get rid of pain after having fake nail overlays.

Some beauty regimens are never convenient and one of them is getting fake nails. The process can be a bit painful, especially if you have weak nails, but nail hardeners are here to save the day. They are capable of removing nail pain and repairing it after trauma. 

Dip powder procedure tends to weaken nails due to its removal process. If you have undergone this procedure, make sure that you have a nail cream or hardener ready to repair, strengthen, and revitalize your nails.

4. They help nails grow stronger, faster, and healthier.

As mentioned above, nail hardeners are a wonderful nail care product not only because they can repair or protect your nails from damage, but also have the ability to accelerate growth. You will notice a significant 6-week improvement in your nails as they grow longer and stronger. However, if your nails are very weak, they may keep breaking until the new one grows faster and stronger.

5. They can help prevent fungal infections.

Magic Pen Nail Cream is scientifically formulated to make your nails in tip-top shape. They are also packed with nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals that help prevent bacterial and fungal infections. We all know that these infections can also cause brittle nails so it is best to have an extra layer of protection.

A study on the effects of contemporary nail cosmetics published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology states that acrylic and gel manicures can do more harm to one’s nail health which can lead to chronic paronychia, keratin degranulation, mycobacterial infections, and even contact dermatitis due to the solvents, primers, and other chemicals used for the procedures.

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I think the ridges in my nails are starting to get better they are starting to get a bit of length in them I am using 4 Times a day ridges are disappearing in some of nails is this normal

Colleen Obrien

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