The Ultimate Nail Care Routine: Incorporating Our Nail Cream for Optimal Results

The Ultimate Nail Care Routine: Incorporating Our Nail Cream for Optimal Results

Having strong, healthy nails doesn’t only look great—it also feels great. But achieving and maintaining optimal nail health requires consistent care and attention. So let us help you do that with an ultimate nail care routine that includes using our nail cream for optimal results.

Step 1: Clean Your Nails

Make sure your nails are clean before applying any product. Start by washing your hands with warm water and soap. Then, use a nail brush to gently scrub under your nails to remove any dirt or debris. If you've been wearing nail polish, use a non-acetone nail polish remover to wipe away the colour.

Step 2: Trim and File Your Nails

With go-to nail clippers, trim your nails to your desired length, but be careful not to cut them too short. Then, use a nail file to shape them into your preferred shape. We suggest using a glass nail file as it's gentler on nails and helps prevent splitting and peeling. You can use the disposable nail file that comes with the box when you order Magic Pen from Daline Nails.

Step 3: Apply the Magic Pen Nail Cream

Our Magic Pen Nail Cream is one of the most advanced nail products in the world. It is specially formulated to deeply moisturise, strengthen and protect your nails, fostering optimal nail health. You can nourish all your five fingernails with a single droplet of the Magic Pen. 

Follow these tips to avoid wasting the nail cream unnecessarily:

  • Don’t squeeze the pen. Instead, keep twisting it until you see a tiny droplet at the top of the brush. It may require a few twists when opening the pen for the first time.
  • Use the brush part of the pen to spread the nail cream evenly on all your fingernails.
  • Rub the cream on each nail to allow it to penetrate entirely into the nail bed.
  • You don’t need to wait for your nail cream to dry. All you have to do is rub it in—just like how to apply any cream product. It isn’t like the gel of top coats that usually requires a few minutes to dry.
  • Check for excess cream left on top of each nail. Seeing a considerable amount of cream on your nails means you’ve used too much.

How long does the Magic Pen Nail Cream last? It depends on how much you use it and how many times a day you apply it. Generally, one pen may last three weeks, two weeks or even one week. But here’s the thing: the more you use it, the quicker you’ll see results.

Step 4: Apply Nail Polish (Optional)

Do you like wearing nail polish? After rubbing the nail cream, you can apply a base coat, followed by two coats of your preferred nail polish colour. Finish off with a top coat to add shine and extend the life of your nail polish.

Step 5: Reapply the Magic Pen Nail Cream Daily

For optimal results, we recommend reapplying our nail cream daily. Consistent use of our revolutionary and easy-to-use nail cream will help keep your nails moisturised, strong and healthy. That will reduce the risk of nail problems such as brittleness, peeling & breakage.

Bottom Line

Incorporating our nail cream into your nail care routine is a simple and effective way to promote optimal nail health. By following the ultimate nail care routine outlined above, you'll be well on your way to achieving strong, healthy nails that look and feel great. Try our nail cream today and see the difference for yourself! Shop the Magic Pen Starter Pack now.
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