How to Care for Your Nails During Winter: Using Our Nail Cream for Protection

How to Care for Your Nails During Winter: Using Our Nail Cream for Protection

Ugg boots, jackets, blazers, heavy coats, warm sweaters, ear muffs, you know exactly what we are talking about - winter!

While winter is somewhat of an exciting time to stay cozy in your favorite nook holding a good book and a mug of hot choco as you keep yourself warm in style, it is never an easy season for most of us, especially for our nails. 

Colder temperatures have a direct impact on the health and appearance of our nails. As we feel the breeze start to get chilly outside, we can immediately notice some changes happening to our nails. The dry air and the cold weather can cause them to get even more dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Most of the time during this season, we tend to pay more attention to our skin by covering it up but neglect our nails for the most part. It is never too late to give your nails extra love and care. With Magic Pen Nail Cream, you can now prevent brittleness and breakage caused by the dropping temperature.

Our Magic Pen Nail Cream is scientifically formulated to reduce dry and excessive cuticles, help soft and weak nails to regenerate, get rid of pain after fake nails, repair damaged nails, and keep them moisturized, especially when the air is dry. 

If you take good care of your nails with the use of this magic nail cream, you can keep your fingers pretty and glamorous when others couldn’t. It provides professional results that you can do right in the comfort of your home.

As much as we love winter, beauty problems can easily occur during this time of the year. When nails become lifeless and dry, it is cause breakage and it is never a good thing. Apply the nail cream in the morning and before going to bed to ensure that they are well-moisturized to prevent dryness.

It is imperative that you take care of your nails by not keeping them bare. This cream adds an extra layer of protection while it does its best to provide nourishment all the way through. 

Safeguard your nails with Magic Pen Nail Cream and with regular use, your nails will noticeably become even stronger, healthier, and even more beautiful.

Another tip for you - do not grow your nails long during the colder months because they can easily snag on warm fuzzy gloves or scarves and cause breakage. Get rid of hangnails too as soon as you see them and resist the urge to pull them. Pulling them will only rip live tissues and can become the entryway of bacteria and germs.

Above all, do not abuse your nails. This season is crucial for your nail health so always use a nail cream to prevent unwanted breakage and other nail issues. The Magic Pen Nail Cream is a revolutionary product loved by many women and men alike due to its remarkable cruelty-free and 100% safe ingredients. Made in Australia using the finest botanicals, you can now give your nails the treatment they deserve. 

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I recently had to have acrylic removed from my nails following a nail issue. I’ve done it before and last time my nails took months to recover. This time I used Daline immediately and my nails and cuticles are great I’m so pleased with this product I’ve bought 2 lots of the 3 pack. I’m never going to be without it..thank u

Jennie Sakamoto

I find it very easy to use I use it twice a day and can’t wait to get lovely nails again

Colleen Obrien

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