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DIY Nail Trends You Can Try at Home Right Now

DIY Nail Trends You Can Try at Home Right Now

We cannot deny the fact that nail art truly brings glam to our hands and we just can’t get enough of them. For fashion-forward women who love expressing themselves in many ways to the world, having their nails done is one of them.

If you love going to nail salons yet believe that it is no longer practical, then we got you covered. These are the top DIY nail art designs you can easily do at home. Even if you admit you are not artsy or don’t have any idea about nail painting, you will surely enjoy doing it on your own. 

No more wreaking havoc on your budget. Plus, this is more fun!

We bet you’d start right away after reading this blog.

#1 - The Easy Dots

Well, polka dots are not just for your retro dress or for New Year’s Eve. You can now have them on your nails anytime you want. Do you have a bobby pin? It can be used as a makeshift tool to create dots on your nails. Any tool with a small round tip will do. Dip enough polish and apply one dot at a time. You can also paint your nails first with the background color that you like. A pretty brown color with black dots would look extravagant.

After that, you can top them with a clear coat. If the drying time is not quite your tempo, then try using fake nails and start decorating from there. Just glue them on afterward. You can even make extra designs you can use in the future.

#2 - Abstract Smudge

Get artsy by blending in some colored nail polish and turning your nails into something Picasso. You can just make some blotches of pink and yellow or whatever color combination you feel like applying and then swirl them around to create an abstract pattern. It does not require you to paint surrealistic images and it is so easy to do.

#3 - Glitter Tip

We’ve probably all enjoyed French manicure white tip nail art and until today, they are still relevant. However, if you want to add some shimmering glam to it, use silver glittery polish and witness your nails turn into something immensely fancy. It may look expensive and all, but it is perfect for a frugal nail art lover like you.

#4 - Gold & Black Stripes

If you like something even fancier and luxurious, decorate your nails with some gold and black combo using striping tapes. This design is so easy to personalize for different occasions and it can instantly elevate your style. If you have long nails, try painting your nails black first and let them dry. Then, apply the striping tapes over the edge or wherever you want to create the spacing for your gold stripes. Apply gold and let dry before removing the tapes. Top it with a clear coat.

#5 - Holographic Finish

Another easy DIY nail art you can try at home is a holographic extravaganza. If you don’t have the time to do well-detailed nail art, this is perfect for you. There are many holographic nail polishes in the market today with different gradient colors. Pick the one that resonates with your entire ensemble the most. With just two coats, you are pretty much going to achieve a beautiful holographic effect.

Do not forget to rest your nails every now and then and make sure that you take good care of your nails for optimal health. Use Magic Pen Nail Cream to protect your nails from cracking, keep them strong, maintain the smoothness of the skin around your nails, and keep ridges and other nail conditions at bay. Your nails deserve some beautification, but on top of that, they have to be healthy at all times.

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