Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the product last?

One pen lasts up to 3 weeks if you apply once a day, half that time if you use twice a day, and so forth. The more you use, the quicker you'll see results.

If you want to use more than once a day or your nails are significantly damaged, we recommend the Value Pack.

How long till I can see results?

It depends on how damaged your nails are. In the first days, you will notice your cuticles hydrated.

In our experience, some customers who use it once a day can notice the results within 1 week. However, customers who remove fake nails or have their nails weak for many years may need 3-4 pens to notice the results. It depends on how damaged your nails are and how many years they've been like this.

Be aware that each person reacts differently to products; they will not necessarily experience the same benefits or in the same timeline. Things like your dietary habits, stress, health, or individual characteristics can affect how fast your nails grow and heal.

IMPORTANT: After you start using the Magic Pen, avoid using fake nails. If you use fake nails after removing them, you'll lose all the progress of your treatment.

IMPORTANT: If you removed fake nails recently, you may expect, as your nails grow, the old one will break, and the new one will grow stronger and faster. Be patient.

Should I use it on cuticles and nails?

Yes. Apply on both cuticles and nails. After you do, rub in until the product penetrates completely.

In our experience, most customers can observe a significant cuticle reduction after the constant use of 2 pens (or six weeks of usage).

Is it an oil? Is it a base coat?

It's a nail cream. Easy to apply on bare nails or with nail polish.

It won't damage your nail polish after you apply it.

Can I use it on top of my nail colour?


The Magic Pen has exclusive technology with a high absorption rate. Therefore, you can use it on top of your nail colour. However, it doesn't work on top of solid adhesives, such as the superglue of SNS and other kinds of fake nails.

To maximize the results, apply without colour.

For example, if your nails are peeling off or you've removed fake nails recently, use it on bare nails twice a day for 2 weeks. Later, apply on top of your favourite colour.

Do I have to wait it to dry?

No. The product is a cream. Rub in until the nails and cuticles absorb the product completely.

Should I use the Magic Pen as a skin care product?

Yes! Keep the product beside you. You can use it before sleeping and in the morning before you start your daily routine.

Examples: bedside table, computer or near your skincare products.

Can I use it on top of SNS?

Not on top, but you can still use it.

The main component of SNS is super glue (Cyanoacrylate). According to Nail Expert Alison Bowhill Hayes, "SNS is a super glue that's applied to nails and then dipped into a polymer (acrylic powder)" (source). No treatment can penetrate through such strong adhesive.

However, you can still use the Magic Pen for cuticle hydration and in the gap between your cuticle and SNS. That will make your nails grow faster. If you try to use it on top of SNS, it won't penetrate.

Additional Information

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