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Salon Owner: How can you use the Magic Pen as a complement to your services?

Salon Owner: How can you use the Magic Pen as a complement to your services?

Here’s a fact. Acrylic nail care services are getting more popular by the day. Acrylics do not just provide a simple extension to our natural nails but they also serve as a coat that offers a more convenient solution to nail art styling. If you are a nail artist, you know this stuff well enough and you know that clients love acrylic nails for several reasons.

A beautiful set of nails is every woman’s self requirement and they go for acrylics to get a new fashion look and achieve their desirable nail appearance. Plus, nail-biting, breakage due to medical conditions, splits, and other nail-damaging issues sometimes call for acrylic nail extensions to boost one’s self-esteem. 

As a nail salon specialist in Australia, you probably noticed that there are some clients who do not come back anymore when they decide that acrylic nails are not for them. Sometimes, they tend to just ghost the shop. It may be because of the process and the way it has to be removed using acetone, or any other reason.

This is where Magic Pen Repair & Growth comes into play. You can still keep your about-to-go clients from acrylic services with this wonderful pen. When they learn about how much this product can help repair, boost, and make their nails beautiful again while maintaining their tip-top shape, you are saving the business and their confidence too.

This ingenious nail cream is a revolutionary product with a unique formula that is the result of over 20 years of nail experience, research, and development. 

Just when the clients are about to say goodbye, offer them this product that they can use for themselves. Most acrylic nail clients are present at your nail salon to find a way to revive their damaged nails and this pen can help them heaps. 

The Magic Pen can reduce dry, damaged, and excessive cuticles. For those with splitting nails, this pen can leave the surface stronger and healthier. It can also be used after using artificial nails to get rid of pain and keep the nails protected. The annoying ridges will be treated and the damaged ones will be revitalized. Even their toenails can greatly benefit from this product.

Offering it to your salon clients will help with customer trust and loyalty. Even if acrylic nail services are no longer for them, you can still help and when you do, you can only expect that they will be extremely satisfied with your business. Your clients will be very impressed that you are providing not just a short-term solution for them but a long-term one. They will love you even more by knowing that you truly care for them.

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