7 Common Nail Problems and How Our Nail Cream Can Help Solve Them

7 Common Nail Problems and How Our Nail Cream Can Help Solve Them

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their nails—until they notice a problem. And that tiny problem often leads to painful and frustratingly persistent nail health issues. So today, we’ll share the seven common nail problems and how you can solve or avoid them.

Brittle nails

Do you have nails that easily break, peel or split? That can be a sign of ageing or due to long-term exposure to nail polish and other chemicals. The culprit can also be the lack of moisture or nutrients in your nail bed, which can be caused by washing your hands a lot.

Yellow nails

Yellow nails can be caused by various factors such as smoking, fungal infections, or using nail polish too often. Consult with a doctor if you think you have a fungal inspection. But if it’s due to using nail polish too often, we have an effective solution for that. Read more below.

Ingrown nails

Who hasn’t had ingrown nails? Ingrown nails are a common nail problem. They occur when the nail grows into the surrounding skin, causing unbelievable pain and discomfort. But here’s the good news: proper nail hygiene can keep this common nail problem at bay.

Peeling nails

Peeling nails occur when the nail’s top layer separates from the nail bed. This can be due to exposure to harsh chemicals or frequent hand washing. Want to avoid this problem? Wear gloves when cleaning and use nail cream after hand washing (more on this later!)

Weak nails

Are your nails prone to breakage? Your body probably lacks nutrients like biotin and protein. Frequent hand washing that strips your nails of moisture can be a culprit, too. But you can help your nails grow stronger through proper diet, supplements and good nail hygiene.

Dry nails

Dry nails can be caused by multiple factors, like exposure to cold weather, frequent hand washing or any other activity that strips your nails of their natural moisture. So the solution is to re-introduce moisture into your nails! You can do that with a good nail cream.

Nail ridges

Deep grooves or ridges running horizontally across your nail could be a sign that your nail growth has stopped or slowed down for a while. That can be caused by an illness or injury. But you can reduce the size of the ridges by keeping your nails nourished and hydrated. 

The Solution: Magic Pen Nail Cream

Whether you have dry, brittle & weak nails or deep horizontal nail ridges, you can benefit from the amazing benefits of our Magic Pen Nail Cream. Our revolutionary nail cream is specially formulated to moisturise and revitalise your nails. It contains argan oil, Vitamin E & other nourishing ingredients that will help your nails to grow stronger, healthier and faster!

We recommend using the Magic Pen Nail Cream if you have brittle nails, nail ridges, splitting nails or other common nail problems. Add this to your daily nail care routine, especially if your hands are often exposed to chemicals or frequent hand washing. It’s also good to use in between nail polishes to give your nails more moisture on their much-needed break.

What are you waiting for? Get the Magic Pen Starter Pack today. 

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