What Is the Best Supplement for Nail Growth?

What Is the Best Supplement for Nail Growth?

Are your nails brittle and constantly splitting? Are they dry or just overall not as pretty as you would like? You can use the Magic Pen Nail Cream to moisturise and revitalise your nails. But if there’s one more thing you should do, it is to look at your diet. What you eat can impact your nail health. And in some cases, taking supplements can help a lot. But what is the best supplement for nail growth? Let’s explore some recommended vitamins for nails. 


Many studies found that biotin is good for strengthening weak, brittle nails. You can increase your biotin intake by eating biotin-rich food items like meat, fish, eggs, berries, cauliflower, nuts, etc. But if you’re a vegetarian or not a fan of nuts and berries, you may consider taking a biotin supplement to boost your nail growth and keep your fingernails strong and healthy. 


Iron is an essential part of red blood cells. Without adequate levels of iron, the red blood cells can’t properly transport oxygen to the farthest parts of the body, like your nail beds. Have you noticed horizontal ridges on your nails? That’s one of the indicators of iron deficiency. You can boost your iron levels by eating food sources rich in iron, including oysters, beef liver and white beans. Taking iron supplements would be a huge help, too. 


Also known as Vitamin B9, folate is another vitamin that helps produce healthy red blood cells. Again, you need your red blood cells to work properly to get oxygen & nutrients to the nail beds on your fingernails and toenails. Otherwise, you will likely experience nail ridges and discolourations. The recommended intake of folate for adults is 400mcg daily. You can get it from spinach, beef liver, asparagus and other leafy greens. But if you’re not eating enough greens, you can take folate supplements to achieve optimal nail health and growth.


Zinc has a key role in replicating cells that make your nails grow faster and stronger. That explains why people with zinc deficiency have slow-growing nails. Some even have white spots on the middle area of their nails, an indicator that something halts the proper nail growth. Taking zinc supplements is recommended for nail growth, especially if you don’t regularly include beef, crab and lobster in your diet. 

Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is crucial in red blood cell formation and proper iron absorption. Again, red blood cells need to function properly to keep your nails healthy since they bring oxygen and nutrients to your nail beds. The recommended daily B12 intake is 2.4mcg for adults. The problem, however, is it can be difficult to have adequate B12 levels, especially if you’re a vegetarian or watching your red meat and dairy intake. You can resolve this by taking Vitamin B12 supplements, which you can buy from a local grocery shop or pharmacy store. 

Bottom Line

What’s the best supplement for nail growth? It should be a supplement that helps your red blood cells properly transport oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, including nails. It can also be a supplement that boosts cell replication in your nails. With that said, iron, folate, zinc, vitamin B12 and biotin are some of the best supplements for nail health. 

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