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How to prevent ridges and splitting nails from affecting your day

Treating ridges is the most challenging part when we talk about nails!

If you have been feeling your nails sore after splitting, you need to understand which steps we can take to treat it!

We know it hurts when your nails get sticky on your hair and bed sheet. Here are 4 ways that you can prevent splitting nails and ridges from affecting your day!

1. Avoid using your nails in a square shape.

Keep them round or in an almond shape.

2. Never file your nails on top.

It will get worse!

3. Hydrate your nails using the Magic Pen multiple times a day.

Don't forget to rub in the product into your nails after aplying it!

4. Don't give up!

Remember: if you never had healthy nails, it will take a bit longer to process the treatment.

What does it mean?

Your nails will grow new.

Magic Pen will do the job of helping your nails to grow faster and stronger.

See below the result after 4 months of treatment:

Magic Tip:

Use Magic Pen on bare nails for the first few weeks.

If your nail is very short and splitting near your skin, keep cutting the nail until you feel they are not splitting anymore.

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