Nail Ridges: What Causes Them and How to Get Rid of Them

Nail Ridges: What Causes Them and How to Get Rid of Them

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One of the hardest conditions to treat are ridges.

Have your nails suddenly changed from their smooth appearance to an unsightly ridged one? Are your attempts to cover them with nail polish leaving you feeling underwhelmed with the finished result? More importantly, why have those ridges formed and how can you get your lovely smooth nails back? Here, we’ll explain what causes nail ridges and give you some easy tips on how to get rid of them.

Vertical ridges on your nails

There’s a big distinction between the ridges you have — vertical ones are completely different from horizontal fingernail ridges. Vertical nail ridges run from your cuticle to the tips of your nails. They are a completely normal part of the aging process. Just as your skin develops wrinkles as you age, the texture of your nails changes too.

Horizontal ridges on your nails

Horizontal nail ridges run across your nail bed from left to right. These tend to be deeper than vertical fingernail ridges and indicate that you have an underlying health concern. They can be caused by anything from a bacterial infection or a fever to malnutrition, diabetes, kidney disease or your body’s reaction to medication or surgery. If your nails have horizontal ridges, book an appointment with your doctor to get your health checked and diagnosed.

Easy ways to get rid of ridges on your nails

Don’t worry that you’re going to be stuck with those ridges from now on — we’ll give you some easy tips to get rid of them so you can look forward to your next manicure.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

You moisturise your skin daily so why would you neglect your nails? Lock in moisture using hand cream, nail and cuticle oil or our Magic Pen Nail Cream. This ensures your nails stay hydrated and nourished and it helps to reduce the size of the ridges.

Drink lots of water

Once again, what applies to your skin also applies to your nails. You drink plenty of water to stay healthy and your nails need this too. Hydration from the inside is just as important as keeping them hydrated with a nail cream or cuticle oil.

Eat a balanced diet

A healthy diet boosts nail growth so the more you follow a balanced diet, the sooner the ridges will disappear and the smoothness of your nails will return.

Take vitamins or supplements

Give your body an extra boost when you take vitamins or supplements. Vitamin deficiency is often a cause of nail ridges so taking daily vitamins not only helps to banish the existing ridges but helps prevent them from forming again in the future.

Lightly buff your nails

Buff your nails gently once a week to help smooth out the ridges. Be very careful to do this lightly, though. Excessive buffing causes the nail plate to thin, leading to easier nail breakage.

Use a nail hardener

Strengthen your brittle nails with a nail hardener. Our Magic Pen helps to repair damaged nails and treat ridges.

Apply a ridge filler before nail polish

Before applying nail polish, use a ridge filler. This fills the gaps between the ridges to create a smoother base on which to apply the polish.

Are you suffering from unsightly nail ridges? Discover what causes them and use our helpful tips to get rid of them for good.

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