What happened to my nails? I got ridges!

What happened to my nails? I got ridges!

Why do ridges appear on the nails?

Vertical ridges are often an indication of aging due to a slowing of cell turnover.
Also, it can be caused by nail trauma and health issues.

What should I do?
  1. File edges in round shape to avoid breaking the corners using the high quality nail file that comes with all orders of the Magic Pen.
  2. Keep fingernails mustorised - Magic Pen does what you need to renew and hydrate your nails.
  3. Wearing gloves to protect your nails.
Ridges start from cuticles, avoid cutting or pulling your cuticles too hard.
Don't use a buffer on top of your nails if you got ridges, avoid using gels, drills or acetone.

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Additional Information: https://www.healthline.com/health/ridges-in-fingernails#outlook
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