13 Tips for Beautiful & Healthy Nails

13 Tips for Beautiful & Healthy Nails

Having beautiful & well-groomed nails can make you instantly attractive. After all, it shows you have good hygiene and care about your physical health. But let’s admit it can be hard to go to the salon regularly and avoid too much handwashing (especially during a pandemic). So what can you do to achieve healthy and perfectly manicured nails? Here are 13 simple tips to take better care of your nails at home. 

1. Keep your hands dirt-free.

From cooking and gardening to typing and texting, our hands get exposed to dirty surfaces all day. Keep them dirt and bacteria-free by washing them using a gentle soap. You can apply soap to a clean toothbrush and use it to scrub the dirt off your nails and skin gently. 

2. Moisturise after washing your hands.

Your nails swell when wet and shrink when dry. That constant change can cause your nails to be brittle over time. So make sure to moisturise after washing your hands. You can use Magic Pen Repair & Growth - Nail Cream for extra nail & cuticle protection. 

3. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning or doing dishes. 

Prolonged or constant contact with water can cause your fingernails to split. So if you’re washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals often, don’t forget to wear rubber gloves.

4. Keep your nails trimmed. 

Long nails can harbour dirt and bacteria, so keep your nails trimmed. Use manicure scissors or clippers to cut your nails. Make the tips slightly round to make the nails more attractive. 

5. Go easy on cutting your cuticles. 

Cuticles act as a barrier that protects your nail bed from germs and bacteria. Cutting them too short or pushing them back too much can damage the nail bed and cause infection. 

6. Stop biting your nails.

Biting your nails is a fast and easy way to ruin their shape and appearance. It may be hard to stop, but there are several ways you can break your nail-biting habit successfully

7. Don’t pull off hangnails.

It might be tempting to pull off your hangnails but don’t. It’s better to clip them off carefully to ensure you don’t rip additional skin and expose inner skin layers to bacteria. 

8. Avoid using harsh nail care products. 

Don’t get swayed by low prices. Always check the nail care product labels to see if they contain harsh chemicals. Stick to good-quality nail paints & acetone-free nail paint removers. 

9. Eat a nutritious diet that supports nail growth.

Food rich in iron and calcium helps strengthen your nails. So include fish, lentils, green leafy vegetables and milk products in your diet. If you have brittle nails, take biotin vitamins, too.

10. Avoid using your fingernails as a tool.

Want to keep your nails from getting hurt or damaged? Stop using them as a tool. Don’t use them to open pop cans, scrape food off a pot or scratch and rip papers.

11. Treat short & damaged nails.

If you have short and damaged nails due to splitting or nail-biting, treat them with Magic Pen. It’s formulated to make your nails moisturised, protected, longer and better-looking.

12. Keep your nail tools clean.

Disinfect your nail tools between uses to keep them bacteria-free. You can wash metal tools with soap and water and wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.

13. Take care of your toenails, too.

Keep your toenails trimmed and moisturised. If they are too thick and difficult to cut, you can soak your feet in warm salt water before cutting them.

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