Top 6 Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Nails

Top 6 Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Nails

When it comes to a beauty regime, skin and hair get most of our attention. People tend to forget to care for their nails. They would wait for their next salon visit, where they could get manicures along with their haircut. But that shouldn’t be the case. Daily nail care is vital to prevent your nails from being weak, dry and brittle. Plus, well-groomed nails can easily make you look more polished and make your hands appear healthier and more youthful.

It’s not too late to give your nails more pampering. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some tips to help you grow and maintain healthy nails.

1. Be a little more gentle to your nails.

Although you can use your nails to scratch or pry things open, they are still delicate. Treat them that way by not using them as everyday tools. Use your fingertips, or better yet, go and get the appropriate tools for cutting papers, opening cans, and scraping food off the pans.

Moreover, avoid using random metal tools to poke under your nails. People tend to do that to rid grimes under their nails, but that can cause the nail plate to separate from the skin. Cleaning with harsh soaps can also weaken your nails over time. Protect them by wearing gloves when doing chores or swapping your cleaning solutions with healthier alternatives.

2. Trim your nails regularly.

Long nails look elegant, but if you struggle with hangnails or breakage, it’s best to keep them short—at least for the time being as you allow your nails to grow healthier and stronger. So, trim your nails regularly. Aim to clip every two weeks, and then see how your nails respond. 

Going for a shorter trim with rounded edges make your nails look tidy. Shorter nails will also keep you from dealing with issues like hangnails, splitting nails, breakage, and more. So whenever you have to choose between nail length and health, always choose the latter. 

3. Moisturise your nails.

You moisturise your face before going to bed or leaving your home, so do the same for your nails. Dehydration is one of the causes of weak and brittle nails. It occurs when you apply acrylics on your nails too frequently or do the dishes daily without wearing gloves. When your nails fluctuate between wet and dry environments, they become brittle over time.

Start moisturising your nails every day. You can use Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream for easy and fast application (you can even bring it wherever you go!). This pen cream is specially formulated to moisturise, revitalise and protect your cuticles and nails. Apply this fast-acting cream daily, and you’ll see the difference in only a few weeks. 

4. Leave your cuticles alone.

The cuticle has a key role—to seal and protect the area at the base of the nail. So, always think twice about removing or cutting the cuticle. That can break the seal of protection, leaving your nails vulnerable to painful tears, as well as bacteria and infection. 

If you need to push back your cuticles, do it only once a week. And it’s best to do it right after you shower, as the skin is soft at that time. Don’t forget to finish by massaging cuticles with cuticle oil. You can also use the Magic Pen to give your cuticles an extra layer of protection.

5. Choose healthier polish brands.

Like makeup and skincare products, not all nail polishes are created equal. Make sure to buy polishes that don’t only make your nails look good but keep them healthy, too.

Make it a habit to read product labels. Watch out for polishes that contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals can weaken your nails and cause them to split and crack over time. 

6. Keep your nail tools clean.

Elevating your nail care requires keeping some nail tools you can use anytime. As you care better for your nails, don’t forget to keep your nail tools clean, too. Disinfect them regularly. Wash the metal tools with soap and water and then wipe them down with rubbing alcohol before patting them dry. Also, replace emery boards and other disposable nail tools as often as necessary. Stop using tattered tools when it’s easy to swap them for new ones for a few bucks.


For more tips on making your nails healthier and stronger, don’t hesitate to explore more of our blogs. Plus, if you need a boost on taking care of your nails, give Magic Pen a try.

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