The Magic Pen is a Real Game-Changer—But How Does It Work for Your Nails?

The Magic Pen is a Real Game-Changer—But How Does It Work for Your Nails?

Everything from nail-biting and frequent polishing to poor nutrition and aging can make your nails dry and easy to break. Some medical conditions also cause them to be brittle. But no matter the cause, you can still revitalise your nails and make them long and healthy again. All it takes is spending time to give your nails some TLC. Start by using the Magic Pen

What Exactly is the Magic Pen?

Dehydration is one of the key factors that cause nails to be weak and brittle. It happens when you apply acrylics too frequently, as you don’t give your nails a break. Sometimes, a simple season change that has made the air drier can also affect your nails’ hydration. The same thing happens if you wash your hands or do the dishes frequently without wearing gloves. Nails that fluctuate between wet and dry environments become brittle over time.

Knowing all that, it’s safe to say that hydration can make all the difference for your nails. This is where Magic Pen can help you. It’s a nail cream that revitalises and protects your talons.  

Our Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream is specially formulated to moisturise, treat and protect your cuticles, making your nails stronger and better-looking than before. With its high absorption rate, Magic Pen can quickly penetrate your nails even if you have nail polish. Plus, it’s easy and quick to apply and can bring you visible results in just a few weeks or so. 

Fast and effective, Magic Pen is a real game-changer. That’s especially true for people who’ve spent years trying to find the perfect solution for their soft, weak and unsightly nails.

How Does the Magic Pen Work?

Our Magic Pen is a nail cream. All you have to do is rub it onto your nails and cuticles. It doesn’t matter if you have bare nails or nail polish. The cream will be absorbed anyway. 

Since it’s a cream, Magic Pen doesn’t create a tough layer on top of your nails. It penetrates your nail bed in a matter of minutes. So even if you wash your hands a few minutes after applying the cream, it won’t wear out. Still, we recommend using the Magic Pen after washing your hands instead of before. That way, you enjoy the maximum results of this fast-acting product. Also, it’s recommended to use the Magic Pen once or twice a day.

Now, let’s talk about the results. Though our Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream is fast-acting, its results mainly depend on how damaged your nails are. Most of our customers who use the product once a day see noticeable results in just a week. 

The case may be different for those who’ve been dealing with weak nails for years or those who recently removed their fake nails. They may need three to four pens (one Magic Pen usually lasts up to three weeks if you apply it once a day) before they can experience visible results. If you recently removed fake nails, your old nails might break as they grow. But the new ones will be longer and stronger since they grow through the help of the Magic Pen.


Plus, when it comes to results, keep in mind that each person reacts differently to products. Things like your daily diet or other personal habits can impact the health and growth of your nails. So, as the Magic Pen does its job, it also helps if you keep a well-balanced diet, stop any poor habits like nail-biting and take collagen or biotin supplements if possible. 

Order Your Magic Pen Today

Like your hair and skin, your nails need some TLC. To end the cycle of having weak and brittle nails, it’s time to include our Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream in your nail care regimen. Give it a try, and experience the fast and magic-like effects on your nails in no time.

Buy the Magic Pen today. 

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