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All You Need to Know About Nail Hygiene

All You Need to Know About Nail Hygiene

As you use your hands in many daily tasks, your fingernails sometimes overwork, too. They even become a common spot for dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, lint and more. That’s why practising excellent nail hygiene is crucial. It doesn’t only keep your nails looking strong and healthy, but it also helps prevent the transmission of diseases, especially amid a pandemic.

Today, we’ll share several tips that can help improve your usual daily nail care and hygiene.

When your nails are visibly dirty

Oil, grease and soil can easily get stuck under your nails. That’s especially true if you often work in a kitchen or garden. Some people use metal tools to remove dirt under their nails, but that can do more harm than good. Here’s how to remove dirt under the nails safely:

  • Wash your hands with dish soap. Compared to hand soap, dish soap is more effective in cutting through oil, grease and dirt. You can also use job-specific hand soap, such as industrial hand cleaning soap used by mechanics and other industrial workers.
  • Use a soft washcloth. It will help you get to those hard-to-reach spots under your fingernails and around your cuticles without being too harsh on your nails. Always clean the washcloth after every use to keep it free of dirt and bacteria.
  • Use a cuticle stick. If you can’t still rid of the dirt and oil under your nails after washing, use a cuticle stick. It’s an angled, pointed wooden stick that can help you dig the dirt out. It’s a better alternative than any random metal stick you find at home.

The dos of daily nail care

Caring for your nails shouldn’t only happen when they’re visibly dirty. You also have to take measures to keep them clean, healthy and strong. Here’s how to boost your nail care:

  • Keep your nails evenly trimmed. Short and well-trimmed fingernails are less likely to collect dirt and bacteria. Keeping your nails trimmed also prevent the occurrence of annoying hangnails. So after a shower, check your nails and cut them if necessary.
  • Wear gloves when doing chores. Prolonged or repeated contact with water isn’t good for your nails. It can weaken your nails over time, causing them to split and be brittle; it can also increase the risk of fungus. So, make it a habit to wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when cleaning your home or washing dishes.
  • Moisturise your nails. Dehydration is one of the top causes of brittle nails. That can happen when you apply acrylics on your fingernails too frequently, or your nails often fluctuate between wet and dry environments. The solution is to keep your nails moisturised. Use our Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream every day. It’s an easy-to-apply nail cream that moisturises, revitalises and protects your nails.
  • Boost your vitamin intake. Eat food rich in vitamins and nutrients that support nail growth, like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc and Folate. You can also consider taking Biotin supplements as they can help your nails grow faster and stronger.

Don’t forget the don’ts in nail care

Apart from all the nail care steps you have to do, you also have to remind yourself to stop any bad habit that can harm your nails. Check out some of the don’ts in nail care below.

  • Don’t pick at your cuticles or bite your nails. With these habits, you can damage your nail bed. Remember, even a small cut alongside your nail can let bacteria enter and breed, causing an infection.
  • Don’t pull off hangnails. It’s tempting to rip hangnails but don’t. That can lead to cuts that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Use a clipper to cut them carefully.
  • Don’t use harsh nail care products. Not all nail polishes or removers are good for your nails. Read the product labels and watch out for products that contain toxic chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde. These harmful chemicals can weaken your fingernails and cause them to crack over time.
  • Don’t use your fingernails as tools. Your nails may seem strong since you can use them to open lids, cut papers or scrape dirt off the pans. Still, they are delicate. Don’t use them as everyday tools to protect them from any damage.
  • Don’t ignore nail problems. If you have brittle or splitting nails or any nail issue that doesn’t seem to go away on its own or after trying several products, consult with a doctor. That can be a serious problem or a symptom of another health issue that requires medical care.

With all these simple tips, we hope you can boost your nail hygiene and care—day by day.

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