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Nail Growth Oil: What You Need to Know and Why Its Not Enough

Nail Growth Oil: What You Need to Know and Why Its Not Enough

Have you ever noticed the last thing nail salon experts do to your nails? That’s right. They apply cuticle oil to your nails. It’s not just a fabulous finale to their service—it’s also an added touch to protect your cuticles & nailbeds and keep your nails looking fancy for days. Here’s more good news: you can use a similar nail growth oil at home to maintain beautiful nails. 

What is a nail growth oil?

Nail growth oil or cuticle oil is a pure fruit or nut oil (or a blend) specifically formulated to soften and moisturize cuticles. Cuticles tend to get dry and hard from daily handwashing & other elements. Sadly, dry and cracked cuticles make your nails vulnerable to inflammations & infections, which can eventually affect your nail growth. So applying nail growth oil helps a lot when you want to maintain your strong & pretty nails. 

What does nail growth oil exactly do?

Cuticle oil is integral to healthy nail care. With a few drops, it can:

  • Stimulate nail growth: A good cuticle oil helps address existing nail issues while preventing further damage. It does that by increasing blood circulation around your nails, which encourages healthy nail growth.
  • Add shine: Besides providing nail health benefits, cuticle oil coats the skin & freshly dried nail polish. It adds shine to your new mani while protecting it from chipping.
  • How should you apply cuticle oil?

    Using a dropper or applicator, apply a few drops of cuticle oil or nail growth oil onto your nail beds and massage the liquid onto your fingertips. Take the time to massage the oil to ensure it’s completely absorbed by your nail plate. Want to soften your cuticles even further? After applying cuticle oil, you can slather hand cream on your nails & fingers and wear a pair of gloves for at least ten minutes. That extra work can do wonders for your nails. 

    Is there any alternative to nail growth oil?

    There is a better alternative to nail growth oil or cuticle oil. It’s called Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream. Like nail growth oil, this nail cream moisturizes, treats, and protects your cuticles, making your fingernails stronger, healthier, and better looking.

    The advantage of Magic Pen over any cuticle oil is it’s easier to apply. Thanks to its sleek applicator, you can effortlessly rub it onto your cuticles and nail beds. And since it’s a cream with a high absorption rate, it doesn’t create a tough layer on top of your nails. It quickly penetrates your nail beds whether you have bare or polished nails. Moreover, the nail cream won’t easily wear out, even if you wash your hands a few minutes after application. Ready to experience the incredible results of this nail cream? Shop the Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream now.
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