Nail Care for Different Nail Types: Oily, Dry, and Normal Nails

Nail Care for Different Nail Types: Oily, Dry, and Normal Nails

We all need to be pampered from time to time. Well, actually, we deserve that almost every day!

With all the requirements and buckets we need to fill on a day-to-day basis, we often find it hard to give more attention to our bodily needs. One of the most neglected parts of our bodies is our nails. 

We may spend a huge amount of time researching or trying beauty products that work for our skin type, but we barely have the time to get to know our nail type.

Here’s how you can identify your nail type so you can personalize your nail care treatment.

1. Oily Nails. 

You can easily say if your nails are oily when your skin type is also leaning toward oily skin. Shiny nail beds are a giveaway. Those natural oils are actually helpful, however, too much oil can be especially problematic for manicures. 

What could possibly be the reason for an oily nail bed? Scientifically, if you have a high pH, your body creates more oil, and a pH balancer for your nails can greatly help. Magic Pen Nail Cream is an effective treatment for regulating the natural oils on your nail bed. 

If you also notice that your nail polish gets easily chipped just a few days after application, you probably have too much oil that prevents acrylic and SNS from sticking properly. 

2. Dry Nails

The first thing that would probably pop into your head when you read the word dry is “hydration”. Yes, it is exactly what you need when you have dry skin and nails. But, how would you know if your nails are dry and not just because of cold weather triggers?

You may easily notice chipping, scarring, brittleness, and ridges if your nails are extremely dry. You can also tell if you have one if you start to see white spots on it and your nails have slow growth. Lack of moisture can lead to these symptoms. So, just like the way you maintain the moisture levels of your skin to keep it plump, beautiful, and well-nourished, you also need a religious nail care treatment to ensure that your nails are healthy and not horribly dry.

Prevent dry nails by drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, trimming them with care, avoiding excessive soaking, and wearing protective gloves when you are dealing with cleaning chemicals.

Avocados, nuts, seeds, and green leafy veggies are great for your nail health.

3. Normal Nails

You are a lucky one if you have normal nails. People with normal nails have the right balance of pH, do not have too much oil on their nail beds, and their nails do not often experience ridges, brittleness, and other nail issues. However, this doesn’t mean that you are free to skip a proper nail care treatment if you have normal nails.

Failing to maintain your normal nails can easily lead to its decline. A simple diet change, skipping your usual exercise regimen, overloading your brain with so much stress, and getting in contact with chemicals, can instantly alter the health of your nails. Therefore, it is always better to treat not just your nails or skin, but all the parts of yourself (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) to ensure that you are healthy inside and out. Healthy people grow differently.

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