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Nail Care for Aging Hands: Keeping Your Hands Looking Youthful

Nail Care for Aging Hands: Keeping Your Hands Looking Youthful

It is totally understandable that many women go the extra mile when it comes to beauty care regimens because let’s admit it, seeing ourselves age prematurely is not a good thing. Yes, premature aging is the enemy, not the aging itself. Free radicals are literally everywhere lurking around every corner and we barely even notice that they are attacking us every day. We go on about our days as usual, do what we need to do, and play that on repeat.

Our hands, like our faces, are the first parts of the body where aging is visible. Wear and tear cannot be avoided. It is the natural process of the universe. We have to succumb to the law of entropy because we are going to age whether we like it or not. But, premature aging is something you can avoid, and taking care of your aging hands requires your attention and TLC too.

How to Keep Your Hands Looking Youthful in the Midst of Aging?

We all want to stay young and vibrant, but our cells are made to age. So, to ensure that your hands are well-kept and healthy-looking, you must take note of these proper skin care treatments.

Manage your stress.

Have you ever heard your mom or your best friend reminding you to stop stressing yourself out or you’ll age rapidly? There’s truth to that. Stress can exponentially accelerate aging and this is what we call premature aging. If you fail to manage your stress, find healthy ways to overcome it, and neglect your health, you are going to age faster. 

Stress releases cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that can break down the collagen in the skin which can lead to sagging, wrinkling, and dryness.

Make sure to meditate, practice breathing exercises to help you calm down during stressful situations, exercise regularly to release the happy hormones and combat cortisol, and try therapy if you really have to. 

Applying hand cream.

Moisture. It is something you highly need to keep your hands plumper and smoother. 

Applying hand cream after handwashing is important to lock in moisture and keep your hands well-hydrated. Your nails need it too!

You can also use moisturizers at night with retinol or glycolic acid before bedtime to prevent dryness, cracking, and scaling. The night time is our time for cell regeneration and knowing the fact that it is not the same anymore than our younger years, it is best not to take this kind of regimen for granted during night time. Do not skip it. 

Applying sunscreen.

You probably heard or read this somewhere. Even if we are inside the house, we have to wear sunscreen for continued protection against damaging UV rays. Your skin needs that to prevent or slow aging. 

Using gloves for extra protection.

Unless your home cleaning items are all-natural and made from botanical ingredients, you need to ensure that your hands are protected with gloves because chemicals can damage your skin cells. You also need gloves to prevent hand dryness or nail chipping during cold months.

It is still best to consult your doctor for a treatment that works well for your unique needs.

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