The Impact of Stress on Nail Health and How to Combat It

The Impact of Stress on Nail Health and How to Combat It

Are you wondering why every time you feel so stressed out, a lot of physical issues start to emerge? Well, it is true that stress is one of the greatest culprits of most ailments because our conscious mind is basically interconnected to our subconscious - our bodies. When we are under a lot of stress, specifically prolonged ones, our physical bodies release cortisol at an outrageous level which in turn highly affects our body systems’ ability to function well. 

Stress can also trigger unhealthy coping mechanisms which can be extremely detrimental to our physical bodies and minds. Some people might find it soothing for a short period of time to eat just about anything and they will do that coping mechanism frequently if the stress is not mitigated as soon as possible. 

Some people tend to change their behavioral patterns such as neglecting exercise, getting proper sleep, and worse, engaging in addictive vices like smoking and drinking. These behaviors can lead to cardiovascular problems, respiratory diseases, and even obesity. 

Stress is indeed a dangerous thing to have in our everyday lives. This is why we have to keep up and find ways to combat this nightmare in a healthy manner.

What you eat and what you do with your body affect your nails too.  

Here are the impacts of stress on your nail health.

Brittle Nails

When your body doesn’t get enough hydration or essential nutrients, your nails are more prone to breaking and splitting. Not getting enough nutrients that your body requires daily will disrupt blood circulation and therefore lead to nail structure weakening.

Nail Biting & Picking

Many people who undergo stress tend to bite their nails or pick their nails when feeling nervous and anxious. 


Stress can also deform the plates of our nails and make them appear distorted or rough. When you start seeing lines and ridges on top of your nails, it is time to pay close attention to your stress and overall well-being.


It is not new to us that exceeding levels of cortisol can lead to inflammation. When this happens, our immune system weakens and our body becomes more susceptible to infections.

How to Combat Stress to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Use a nail cream.

Do not shy away from using nail cream to give your nails an extra layer of protection from unwanted stress and its harsh effects. Magic Pen Nail Cream is packed with complete nutrients to keep your nails hydrated, nourished, and in tip-top shape. It also has the ability to treat ridges, bring back the strength of your nails, and restore their healthy growth.

Find healthy stress management techniques. 

There are many ways to manage your stress in a healthy manner. Practice deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or simply listen to your favorite music.

Exercise regularly.

Make sure to engage in healthy physical activities to bring back your body’s overall vigor. “Feel-good” hormones are released when the body is active.

Eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated.

It may not be easy for a stressed person to prepare healthy meals when everything else seems to be crumbling down, but this is a crucial thing. Staying hydrated and well-nourished can significantly improve not just your health, but your mood as well. 

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