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11 Things You Should Start Doing to Your Nails Now & Forever

11 Things You Should Start Doing to Your Nails Now & Forever

Whether you are the type of person who loves to paint your nails as a self-care project or are the type of person who likes biting or picking at your cuticles, we all reap wonderful benefits when we keep our nails clean.

Germs, bacteria, and other unwanted fungi can grow under our nails which can cause infection and other health problems. Not to mention, it may also affect our confidence. An ingrown toenail or fungus can be very painful and can cause so much inconvenience.

What Are the Signs of Unhealthy Nails?

There are many tell-tale signs to recognize if you have unhealthy nails. These include the color of your nails. Healthy nails are usually pinkish-white in color and if yours look a bit yellow, then that is not a good sign. Also, your nails will show you that you have to start taking better care of them if you see white tiny spots on your nail bed, vertical ridges across your nails, red and sore skin surrounding your nails, and if it has a spoon shape. 

Here are eleven things you should start doing to make sure that your nails remain healthy and beautiful.

1. Always wash your hands

We’ve been told since we were kids to always wash our hands and keep them clean. This is not just before and after eating or touching something dirty, but this is also a way to keep our nails clean as well.

Reminder: You can apply the Magic Pen after washing hands. However, avoid washing hands seconds after you apply the nail cream, it takes some time to absorb the ingredients after you rub it in, so you need to wait a few minutes, usually 20 minutes is enough.

2. Don’t forget to moisturize

After every wash, do not forget to moisturize your hands because washing often can lead to dry skin. This will also help keep nails moist and prevent cracking.

3. Be as gentle as possible

When you are cleaning your nail, do not use metal tools under the nail or dig too much as these procedures may cause your nail plate to separate from your skin (onycholysis). Perhaps, you have already experienced an arched nail tip with an irregular white color. This is usually the result of rough scrubbing and harsh cleaning procedures.

4. Cut your nails regularly

Regulating trimming helps keep bacteria, germs, and fungi at bay. It also promotes healthier nail growth.

5. Do not think of length

Some fashion-forward women give more importance to the length of their nails rather than their overall health. Even short nails can be stylish too.

6. Bring a nail file with you wherever you go

Our nails, just like our hands, are always at the forefront of our daily activities making them vulnerable to wear and tear. Make sure to bring a nail file with you at all times to make an even and nice edge to smoothen them out.

7. Use Magic Pen Nail Cream

This revolutionary product is specially formulated to keep your nails healthy, prevent cracking, grow stronger, get rid of pain after removing fake nails, can promote healing to ingrown toenails, repair damaged nails, and treat ridges.

The Magic Pen comes with a complementary nail file inside the box.

8. Do not remove your cuticles.

Our cuticles are here to serve an important purpose - to seal the area at the nail base. When you remove it, it breaks the seal of protection. Leaving them alone is the best thing you can do for your nails.

9. Read the labels on your polish.

Make sure to read and evaluate the ingredients in your polish. As much as possible, steer clear of products with toxic chemicals.

10. Drink plenty of water.

This is a general rule to get a healthy body. Drinking plenty of water will also boost your nail health and make them stronger.

11. Give your nails a break.

Do not overexpose your nails to nail polish. Give them time to rest and repair. Polish removers can weaken your nails too so it is best to allow them to just be in their natural state so they can rejuvenate and revitalize.

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