Why & How To Keep Your Nails Moisturised

Why & How To Keep Your Nails Moisturised

Do you have a go-to moisturiser for your face and body? Do you use a particular leave-in cream for your hair? What about your nails? Nothing? Your nails need extra moisture, too!

Here’s why.

Nails are naturally low in moisture and oil. In turn, they can quickly become dry, weak, & brittle, especially during the cold months. But since they’re naturally low in moisture, they can absorb water faster than the skin. So constant exposure to water isn’t good, too. When water goes in & out of the nails through frequent handwashing or dishwashing, the small cells that make up your nail expand and contract repeatedly. That can lead to peeling & splitting nails. 

The solution is here to find the middle ground. The first thing to do is drink a ton of water, as it helps your body stay hydrated from the inside out. Then, you need to apply cuticle oils or nail creams daily. It’s best to do it repeatedly throughout the day to give your nails their much-needed moisture at the right amount. 

Now, how? 

You now know that you must moisturise your nails, but how should you do it exactly? Here are some tips to help keep your nails moisturised, healthy and strong. 

  • Choose a quality moisturiser.
  • First things first, find the moisturiser that works best for your nails. Cuticle or nail growth oils are suitable options as they can help combat nail dryness effectively. But we have a better and easier-to-apply option: Magic Pen Nail Cream. It is rich in ultra-hydrating ingredients and specifically formulated to treat, revitalise & moisturise fingernails & toenails. Best of all, it is designed with a pen-like applicator, so you can effortlessly apply it repeatedly. 

    Our Magic Pen Nail Cream is available in a pack of three or five. These discounted options make it easy to stock up on quality nail cream and be religious with daily moisturising habits.

  • Make it a habit to massage the product onto your nails.
  • It’s not enough to merely plop the moisturiser onto your nails. You have to massage the product onto your nails to help the hydrating ingredients penetrate your cuticle and nail bed. It also helps reduce your nail dryness and brittleness while stimulating the blood circulation around your nails. Massaging the moisturiser repeatedly over time will likely result in healthy nail growth. 

  • Moisturise every part of your nail.
  • Some people may think they only need to moisturise their cuticles. But here’s the thing: the cuticles, tips and nail beds are separate entities, and you must keep them all nourished. So whether you’re using cuticle oil or the Magic Pen Nail Cream, make sure to moisturise every part of your nail, including the skin around it. 

  • Prevent constant exposure to water.
  • As mentioned, constant exposure to water is never good news for your nails. It can weaken the bonds of your nail structure and compromise your nail’s ability to retain moisture. So always wear gloves when washing the dishes, cleaning your home and doing other tasks that require your hand to be constantly exposed to water. And apply your nail cream after. 

    Bottom line

    Like your face and hair, your nails need to be moisturised, too. With extra effort and the right moisturising product, you can keep your nails hydrated and looking healthy and beautiful!

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