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7 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails

7 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails

Your teachers and parents might have scolded you as a child for biting nails, but you still couldn't manage to break that habit. Now even as an adult, you give in to nail biting occasionally. Be it because of emotional distress, stress, or anything else, you cannot help nail biting. If this sounds relatable, and you want to know how to get rid of this habit, you're at the right place. 

Well, nail-biting might seem like a harmless habit, but it can be more problematic than you think. Your mouth carries a lot of bacteria, and when you bite nails, the raw skin comes in contact with the bacteria. This can lead to severe infections in the worst cases. It might also cause nail deformity, and permanently damage your nails. Let's check out how you can stop biting your nails, and make them healthier. 

Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails 

1.Trim Frequently

The temptation of biting your nails becomes aggravated when you have long nails. If this is the case with you, then try to keep your nails short. Trim them frequently, and if possible, get pretty manicures often. When your nails are short and they are beautifully decked up, you are less likely to chew or bite them. 

2. Use A Bitter Nail Polish

When your nail tastes foul, you won't want to bite it, right? Applying this logic, you can use bitter-tasting nail polish to paint your nails. When you have it on, every time you try to bite your nails, you'll be repulsed by its bad taste. And eventually, you'll stop biting your nails. 

3. Use A Nail Cream 

Another way to stop this bad habit is to use nail cream. Nail creams serve a dual purpose – they keep your nails healthy, and also resist you from biting your nails. For instance, you can use the Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream from Daline Nails. It repairs soft and brittle nails, reduces dry cuticles, and treats nail ridges. It also has a perfume taste that helps you stop biting without feeling a bad taste in your mouth. 

4. Cover Up Your Nails 

Covering up your nails from the outside is another way out. The logic is simple – you are creating a physical barrier between your mouth and nail to counter this habit. For example, every time you are feeling tempted to bite your nails, wear gloves to cover them up. However, this is a temporary solution. If you're looking for a long-term solution, you'll have to try out the other methods we've mentioned.

5. Understand What Triggers the Habit 

This is an important step if you want to permanently stop biting your nails. You'll have to identify the physical or mental triggers that are pushing you to bite your nails. It could be a stressful situation, boredom, or you might feel tempted just by looking at your long nails. Once you're able to recognize these triggers, you'll be more alert the next time you're facing them. 

6. Adopt A Different Habit 

If you tend to bite your nails because of anxiety, stress, or boredom, you should find another habit to cope with them. For instance, you can play with a stress ball or slime. The idea here is to divert your attention from biting your nails to some other activity and make it a habit that helps you face the triggering situations. 

7. Stay Consistent 

Last but not least, breaking a bad habit depends a lot on your willpower. You have to stay consistent in your efforts to stop biting your nails. You might fall back into the habit of nail-biting unconsciously, but you'll have to be alert and make a conscious effort to stop it and follow the steps we mentioned above. 

Say Yes to Happier Nails with Daline Nails 

If you want to make your nails healthy, damage-free, and safe from your nail-biting habit, get yourself the Magic Pen Repair & Growth Nail Cream today. It's safe, effective, super easy to use, and you can carry it along everywhere you go. 

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