Affiliate Program

Daline Nails Affiliate Program allows you to create your own personal link and share in your social network. You can get up to 15% for every sale.

How To Get Started 

Step 1

Create an account by choosing the option "Register" in this link:

In the "Payment Email" field, put your paypal e-mail address.

Step 2

Activate your account by clicking on the link you receive by email.

That's it!

How The Commission Works?

Your account starts with a 5% referral commission. The commission increases as you drive more sales to the website:

  1. 0 - 100 Sales: 5% Commission
  2. 100 - 500 Sales: 10% Commission
  3. 500+ Sales: 15% Commission

These percentages reset every 6 months.

The payout does not include the price of shipping.

If the customer cancels the order with a refund, the commission for that order is also refunded.

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