About the Founder

Daline discovered her passion for nail art at just 11 years old. However, she faced a challenge when she got severe Atopic Dermatitis from harmful chemicals in nail products. Determined to find a healthier alternative, she opened Daline Nails Nail Salon in Sydney, Dee Why, offering non-toxic services.

During the COVID pandemic, Daline created the revolutionary Magic Pen, transforming the nail service experience. Facing business closures at the pandemic’s height, Daline closed her salon to focus on the Magic Pen.

Today, the Magic Pen is stocked in some Priceline pharmacies in Sydney, a renowned Australian pharmacy chain. The product embodies self-care, empowerment, and love, as Daline remains committed to spreading the love for nails and self-care globally.

Daline Paulo, founder of Daline Nails