What To Do About Toenail Fungus Under Your Nails

What To Do About Toenail Fungus Under Your Nails

Are you embarrassed about your unsightly toenails? Nail fungus is a common infection of the nail and it is inarguably very inconvenient for anyone who has it. While it is not a serious life-or-death kind of situation, the symptoms can be extremely discomforting and bothersome which can significantly affect one’s self-esteem.

It usually begins as a white or yellowish-brown spot on your toenail or fingernail. You will know that the fungal infection is already deep into the skin when you start to see nail discoloration and thickening. Crumbles at the edge of your nails will start to appear too.

For mild conditions, you may not feel the need for treatment, but for those with extreme symptoms such as the above-mentioned, you have to do something right away, especially if it is already painful. 

Nail fungus is also called onychomycosis and other symptoms include nails separating from the nail bed and a foul odor. It can affect any fingernail but this is common in toenails.

Sandal season or not, this ailment is not something you would want to see on your feet. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat and treat this microscopic pesky nuisance.

Always wash your feet and keep them clean and dry.

Prevention is always better than cure. Even if you already have it, keeping your toes clean at all times is a no-brainer. This will wash away all the dirt, bacteria, and fungi that you may come in contact with. Poor foot hygiene puts you at risk for infection. 

Keeping your feet dry immediately after taking a bath, swimming in the pool, or using public showers, will greatly help. 

Use Magic Pen Nail Cream 

If care prevention is already a bit too late, washing may not be enough so make sure to apply this Magic Pen Nail Cream onto your affected fingernail or toenail. It has a revolutionary formula that treats all kinds of nail problems such as onychomycosis. It helps strengthen soft and brittle nails, reduce dry and excessive cuticles, get rid of pain caused by fake nails and other conditions, repair damaged nails, and treat ridges. 

Just make sure to use your own Magic Pen Nail Cream. Do not let another person use it because the fungus may be passed around. 

This is an effective way to manage the unsightly symptoms of your nail fungus. Use it continuously even if you don’t have the fungus anymore.

3. Do not use strong products.

Avoid products that are not organic and natural. Chemical-based products such as lotion can make your condition worse. Try olive oil, snakeroot, tea tree, or oregano oils. These are just some natural moisturizers you can use while treating your nail fungus. 

4. Adjust your diet.

You also have to improve your diet and start eating probiotic-rich food like yogurt, enough protein to support nail regrowth, iron-rich foods to strengthen your nails, and calcium and vitamin-D-rich foods too. 

5. See a doctor.

If your condition gets even worse, you should see a doctor for expert advice and treatment. There may be other underlying factors as to why your nails are getting brittle by the day.

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