Vertical Lines On Fingernails: What Your Body Is Telling You

Vertical Lines On Fingernails: What Your Body Is Telling You

Have you ever tried to take a close-up photo of your hand holding your cup of coffee and notice that your nails have details? While some people are already used to seeing vertical lines on their nails due to aging, this is not something usual for most people. It is also not something you just sweep under the rug. The ridges on your nails are telling you something. 

What Do They Mean About Your Health?

Perhaps, the first thing that would pop up in your mind when you think about those fingernail ridges is that they can somehow be connected to your health. They do.

But this is not something you should go to ER for. To relieve you from further stress, these vertical lines on your nails come with aging, and people who have eczema or dry skin problems can also have them. 

Older people develop them due to a slowing down of cell production. If you find your nails quite brittle and break easily, you have to do something.

They are mostly harmless, but there are nutrient deficiencies that can make the ridges worse.

If you are low in protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, or iron, you can immediately tell by checking your fingernails. These annoying lines can be your tell-tale sign to have your blood checked for deficiencies.

How to Remove the Ridges?

Undeniably, these lines can affect our confidence. The best way to lessen the appearance of nail ridges is to make sure that your hands are always clean and properly moisturized. Make sure to also pay attention to the nutrients that your body intake.

Experts recommend that you treat your nails as you would your wrinkles. Just like an aging serum, using Magic Pen Nail Cream can exponentially help you remove these unwanted ridges. Magic Pen has a revolutionary formula that can reduce dry and excessive cuticles, strengthen soft and weak splitting nails, get rid of pain after applying and removing fake nails, treat ridges, and repair damaged nails.

It has everything you need to maintain your nail health.

1. Keep your nails hydrated or moisturized

As mentioned above, using a Magic Pen Nail Cream would significantly help protect the keratin of the nails. As it provides nourishment, the ridges will start to fade. You may use it in the morning and before going to bed because when we are asleep, our body goes to full cell regeneration mode. This will boost the effect of the moisturizing cream and you may want to take that opportunity and time to fix the ridges.

2. Keep it clean and give it some rest from toxic products

Are you styling your nails religiously? If you are, please dedicate a week or two to giving your nails some rest. Many nail art products and polishes contain harsh chemicals that can weaken your nails. Also, by keeping your nails well-trimmed, you help prevent future trauma. Long nails may be stylish, but short nails are safer. Give it time to rest from all the glitz and glam.

3. Take supplements

Biotin is at the top of the list when it comes to your nail health. Try to increase your food intake of biotin-rich foods and if your busy days won’t allow you to eat enough, take supplements.

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My nails are growing beautifully now using Daline, but when they do break they are breaking well below skin level. Wondering what I can do

Debbie Hannan

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