The Hidden Dangers of Fake Nails and How to Protect Your Natural Nails

The Hidden Dangers of Fake Nails and How to Protect Your Natural Nails

We cannot deny that artificial or fake nails truly serve their purpose when it comes to beautifying our hands and making our nails look slender and longer. Many women prefer this nail treatment not just for vanity reasons. Some special events call for this type of style. 

Acrylics that are put on top of the actual nails create a more distinct character to the overall look of our hands, however, the chemicals included in the product can pose harm to your nails and the skin surrounding them.  

A satisfying manicure after a long work week is something you deserve. We truly get it, ladies! But, you should also consider adding an extra layer of strong protection to the possible effects of artificial nails. 

They do look nice, but it is not quite the most sanitary or the most gentle beauty indulgence today.

Imagine the process of putting it on. In acrylic nails, the solution hardens on top of the actual nails. In fake nails, you need to glue each nail onto the actual nails. The common denominator? You get the point.

Your actual nails are directly affected.

Getting a chance to have better nails is somewhat promising, but you need to be informed. Take a closer look and learn more about the dangers of fake nails on your nail health and how you can protect your nails if this procedure is something you cannot avoid due to personal or health reasons.

1. Exposure to chemicals.

Anything in excess is not good. The same goes for acrylic or fake nails. Prolonged exposure to the chemicals used in applying acrylic nails will eventually take a toll on your nail health. The stronger the bond between the real nails and the fake nails, the harder it is to ensure that your real nails will thrive in that harsh condition.

2. Strong bonding agent.

Here’s the thing about fake nails. The bond between the fake nails and the actual nails is stronger than the bond between the real nails and the nail bed. This is why many women experience splitting, cracking, and thinning of their actual nails. In some worst-case scenarios, women completely lose their nails.

3. Cracking & splitting can cause bacteria to get in.

Following up on number 2, the cracking and splitting between the actual nails and the nail bed can invite infections and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The acrylics also tend to dry the natural oils of the nail bed leaving the nails extremely dry and prone to breakage and ridges.

4. Fake nails promote slow nail growth.

The strain of wearing false nails will eventually show up. Artificial nails may be the quickest way to get longer nails in an instant but this can also promote slower growth for your actual nails. 

5. Painful nail plate.

Another inconvenience is a painful nail plate. Extremely thin nails who often get acrylics will suffer from this type of pain and those with stronger nails will notice a decline in their actual nails’ health when they apply fake nails regularly. The pain is often an indication that it is a bad idea.

So, how can you protect yourself from the dangers of fake nails?

How to Protect Your Nails

We will give you a plain and simple solution. 

Use a nail cream!

Magic Pen Nail Cream has everything you need to ensure that your nails are in tip-top shape while having the liberty to do the things you want to do (such as fake nails) without worrying about the decline of your nail health. 

This nail cream works wonders in keeping your nails moisturized, well-hydrated, stronger, thicker, and vibrant. It also has the ability to treat imperfections, keep inflammations and infections at bay, cure the ridges, and make your nails stronger and no longer susceptible to breakage.

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