Nail Shape and Color Trends: The Top Picks for Your Next Manicure

Nail Shape and Color Trends: The Top Picks for Your Next Manicure

Tired of the same old boring nails? Want to spice up your nail game with some trendy nail shapes and colors? We’re here to help you out!

In this article, we’ll spill the tea on the latest nail shape and color trends, so you can draw inspiration for your next manicure. 

1. Rich Girl Nails

As the name tells you, this style is all about being classy, sophisticated, and timeless. But don’t confuse this with boring—Rich Girl nail trend is all about being natural but with a dash of glam. 

If you prefer simple and uncluttered nails, this is the right manicure style for you. The nail paint used is a nude or beige one, something that looks minimal yet offers full coverage on your nails. The color of the nail paint is the highlight of this style, so you can wear it in pretty much any desired shape. 

This style is incredibly versatile—goes well with glammed-up looks as well as with business attires. 

2. Ballerina-Slipper Nails

Of all the 2023 nail trends, this one is our favorite. To get this style, ask your manicurist to shape your nails like ballet shoes with slightly rounded edges. 

There is a particular color scheme that looks gorgeous with these nails—sheer pink as the base coat, with pink or white French tips. 

Like the previous one, this style is also suited for daily wear. Whether you’re going to a fashion event or heading to work, Ballerina-Slipper nails will keep your hands looking chic and stylish. 

3. Chrome Finish

Chrome nails have created a buzz in nail salons and social media alike. If you want bold, eye-catching nails, this is the style you must try on your next manicure session. 

The idea here is to use metallic-colored or chrome-finish nails to create vibrancy. You can go all out with chrome all over your nails, or you could go with a chrome tip and keep the base minimal with a sheer coat. 

Choose from gold, silver, or any other metallic hue, and a nail shape of your choice. How minimalist or loud you want this style to be depends on your preference. 

4. Opalescent Nail Polish 

This style looks incredibly dreamy as if it’s straight out of a fairy tale. Opalescent nail paint comes with a shimmery effect that changes colors when light reflects on it. 

So basically, your nails will look different under different lighting, and they’ll have a sparkly touch to enhance their charm—magical stuff, isn’t it? 

This style will elevate your nail fashion game in an instant. The delicate hue makes this nail color trend a versatile one, something people of all ages can carry effortlessly. The shape doesn’t really matter here, so get one that you love the most. 

5. Airbrush Nails

While a lot of nail art and designs are simple to do at home, this one definitely requires the precision a nail tech or manicurist possesses. 

Two colors are blended using a tool to create airbrush nails or ombre nails. The blending has to be seamless to give your nails the desired finish, with a top coat for protection. 

The shape and color options are endless—you can get ombre nails in any color combination and shape of your choice. 

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