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7 Nail Care Tips for Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Nails

7 Nail Care Tips for Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Nails

Having healthy nails is a big confidence booster, whether you prefer to keep them looking natural or enjoy using different nail polishes. Nails that have been chewed, are snagged or have become discoloured look unsightly while those with fungal infections can even emit a bad odour.

We cleanse and moisturise our faces, use body lotion on our skin and condition our hair so why not look after our nails in the same way? Nails are all too often overlooked but they need just as much care as the rest of our bodies. It really doesn’t take that much effort to keep nails healthy and the simplest changes to our lifestyle is the easiest way to start. We’ve detailed seven nail care tips below that will leave you with healthy, strong and beautiful nails.

  1.   Look after your cuticles

You may have thought that cutting your cuticles is a way to maintain healthy nails but this can do more harm than good. Your cuticles provide a protective barrier for your nails, keeping bacteria away from the nail bed and helping to ensure your nails grow correctly. If your cuticles look unsightly, just gently push them back. What you should do regularly is to moisturise the cuticles with nourishing oil.

  1.   Keep your nails moisturised

Just as your skin suffers from being dry, so do your nails. A lack of moisturisation can leave your nails brittle and prone to snapping easily. It’s essential to use a nourishing hand cream, moisturising cream or cuticle oil to keep your nails strong and shiny.

  1.   Reduce exposure to water

Constantly having your hands in water can cause damage to your nails. Water causes your nails to swell and this, in turn, damages your nail beds. If you frequently wash up without wearing gloves, the detergent also damages your nails by drying them out.

  1.   Stop using your nails as tools

We’re all used to using our nails as convenient tools for tasks, such as opening cans of drink, peeling labels, picking objects up and scratching. However, nails are sensitive and this kind of use can easily damage them. The pressure exerted from using your nails as tools adversely affects a nail’s weakest part and this can cause your nail to break.

  1.   Be careful with your nail products

Whilst filing and polishing your nails can make them look great, the products you use and how you use them can lead to damage. Continual use of polish and polish remover leads to dry and brittle nails so give your nails a break once in a while. Avoid using polish that contains harsh ingredients, such as parabens and sulphates, and use a polish remover that’s free from acetone. Be sure not to pick off your nail polish, tempting as it may be, as this damages the protective top layer of your nails. Avoid gel or acrylic manicures as both of this damage either your nails or the surrounding skin. The nature of the gel-drying process causes damage to the skin around your nails while acrylics contain harsh ingredients that harm the actual nails.

  1.   File your nails correctly

When carrying out your nail care routine, there are certain ways to go about it that are more beneficial than others. One is to file your nails in a single direction. By doing this, you’ll find it easier to shape your nails and benefit from smoother tips. If you file roughly and in both directions, your nails become weak and can break easily.

  1.   Eat healthily

Your diet affects your nails, just as affects your skin and hair. Eating well ensures your nails stay healthy and strong. Choose foods that contain iron, antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin E and calcium.

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